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General Rental Conditions
AGE REQUIREMENT: For categories A, B, C minimum age 23 years and for all other categories 25 years.
PAYMENT: For all classes, the lessee must present a credit card accepted by the European Cars to cover payments relating to the guarantee, the down payment and reimbursement of the cost of renting or analogous deposit in cash.
DRIVING LICENCE: The driver license held for at least three years.
MINIMUM RENTAL: After expiry of the agreed lease, the European Cars allows the tenant a grace period for returning the car to 60 minutes without any charge. Upon expiry of this period of grace, the renter will be charged a minimum the cost of an extra day.
FINES AND VIOLATIONS: All fines and penalties resulting from the fault of the driver entirely borne by the tenant ..
GUARANTEE: The guarantee required for car rental is as follows.
For GROUP A – B – C – D at 500 €,
For GROUP E – F – FA – K at 700 €,
For GROUP G – H – H1 – I – I1 – J at 900 €,
The deposit is refunded after the rental after checking the vehicle if no damage has not proxenithei extra than indicated.
INSURANCE: All authorized by the European Cars motorists exempt for damage to the rented car by fire to the 1500 €, and are insured with third party liability for death, injury up to 650.000 € and property damage. And the two coverages are subject to the general conditions of the contract of European Cars with the insurance company.
LIABILITY WAIVER (CDW – SCDW): The renter’s liability for damage to the rented vehicle can be reduced, provided that no violation of the traffic regulations,
For GROUP A – B – C – D at 500 € plironontas extra 6 € per day,
For GROUP E – F – FA – K to 700 € plironontas extra 8 € per day,
For GROUP G – H – H1 – I – I1 – J at 900 € plironontas extra12 € per day
For GROUP LUXURY L – CABRIO CAB in 1500 € plironontas extra 20 € per day
ADDITIONAL INSURANCE (PAI): The renter and authorized drivers released to third parties for bodily injury and property damage in the amount of € 650.000, as foreseen by the general conditions for insurance against third under the contract of European Cars insurance the company if paid daily charge of € 3 for all categories.
THEFT PROTECTION (TP): Theft coverage is an optional service, which if accepted, relieves the renter from all financial responsibility for total or partial theft of the rented car of European Cars if the tenant pays daily of
€ 3 for categories A, B, C, D
€ 4 for groups E – F – FA – K
€ 6 for categories G – H – H1 – I – I1 – J
and € 20 for category LUXURY L – CABRIO CAB.
It does not cover theft of personal belongings.
COVERAGE DRIVER AND PASSENGERS (RAC): For a charge of € 3 a day and covers: Compensation in case of death or total / partial incapacity to € 5.000 for the driver and up to € 2.000 for each passenger and hospital fees € 500. Aggregate indemnity for each accident € 15.000.
FILE ACCIDENT COSTS: The driver is charged € 15 in case of accident, the fault. This amount is non-refundable.
ADDITIONAL DRIVER / S: Daily charge € 2 for each additional driver.
FEE FOR DELIVERY AT THE AIRPORT: All airports are 3% of the amount of the lease.
POLICY GASOLINE: For rentals lasting 3 days or more the customer must prepay the cost of the quantity of petrol in the tank of the rented car at the reception thereof. When returning the car, and only then, the tenant may request a refund of the value of gasoline contained in the car at that time. Since this is less than that paid in advance you will be charged and service “fee Kafsimon Service Officers.”
BABY SEATS: Available on request with a charge € 2 per day.
NAVIGATOR – GPS: Available on request with a charge 6 € per day.
ROOF RACK: Available on request with a charge € 6 per day.
SNOW CHAINS: Available on request with fee € 3 per day.
CHANGE TYPE OF CAR: The Company reserves the right, depending on the availability to provide a different type of car than the original booking with a corresponding, or higher category
ACCEPTANCE-DELIVERY – ATHENS: Each receipt / delivery stations outside European Cars are charged € 10 in town. Out of town, the charge is 0.30 € / km for categories A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, H1, I, I1 and € 0.90 / km for class LUXURY L – CABRIO CAB. Charge for delivery or collection outside opening hours, € 23. From 20.30 to 8.30
The company European Car Rental in Volo- Pelion has a history of 30 years to rent a car, is the oldest agency of Volos and is located in the port, the beach at Volou.I European Car Rental – Volos – Pilion operates car and bike rentals.
Delivers cars Pelion as Ag. Ioannis – Milina -Argalasti – Milopotamos – Lower GATSIOU – Kala Nera – Kalamos – Lafkos – Paltsi – Poster – Portaria – Makrinitsa etc. At the airport of Nea Anchialos. Also you can get a car at Volos and leave in Athens or Piraeus (port) or the airport El. Venitzelos small charge (after agreement with the company).
The company European Car Rental Skiathos operating since 1976. It is located near the port and receives and delivers avytokinita in all hotels, the airport and the port free of charge. It operates in the rental car – motorbike – yachts – hotel reservations – rooms and vacation packages with room and car or moped in partnership with Holiday House.
SYSTEM “RENT HERE-LET THERE”: It is between the stations of European Cars without written approval and with a special charge in agreement with the European Cars.
ACROSS THE BORDER RENTAL: Only with prior written approval of European Cars.
TRANSPORT BY FERRY: Only with prior written approval of European Cars. Not covered by any insurance of any damages caused to the rented car during transportation thereof.
ROAD ASSISTANCE: The European Car Rental provides road assistance.
TAXES: All rates and charges given on the form include VAT

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